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There are thousands of security projects that can be performed in any enterprise. A small number of cookie-cutter offerings may not be able to satisfy all of a client's unique requirements.

  • Every security target has its own unique set of vulnerabilities that requires its own unique set of countermeasures.
  • Every security control represents a different goal that has to be addressed individually.
  • Every security project uses different methodologies to produce different results.

Only when all three are accurately identified and addressed will security be complete.

Newstaff Incorporated therefore offers a full range of customized security projects. Each one matches a specific target with a specific security control using the proper project methodology. Choose the proper combination of target+security+project to create your customized security project:

Newstaff Incorporated also understands that there are further regulatory requirements, best practices, and industry standards for security within each industry sector. We know that what works and is acceptable in one industry may not work or be acceptable in another. We adapt our targeted control projects to fit within the particular industry sector as needed.

We also understand that different clients require different levels of engagement. Some clients may have general interest in security or just need a few specific questioned answered. Other clients may want full projects delivered, managed or assisted. Still others may want ongoing support or regular services. Newstaff Incorporated can provide as consulting at any level of engagement that is desired.

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