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Newstaff, Inc. specializes in Information Security. Everybody is interested in security these days. Everybody is trying to be secure. But how do you know if you have succeeded? That is where real Information Security comes in. Real security requires credible evidence that information, facilities, assets and operations are secure. Real security occurs when you no longer merely think you are secure, but you know.

Newstaff, Inc. can deliver this Security. We can evaluate, review, test, audit and report in all these areas and more. When we finish an engagement, you will know the exact status of your security in all the desired areas. We will document what is in place, how well it is working, what improvements are needed, and what options are available.

Newstaff Security Design Review Our Security Architects will review your design for security to see if it actually addresses all the areas of security. We will report which areas are adequate and which ones need improvement. We will report any design flaws found and make recommendations for improving the design. It is much easier to design security right ahead of time, rather than trying to fix it later.

Newstaff Code Review Our Software Engineers will review your source code for security to see if it actually does what was expected. We will compare this with the desired design and look for unexpected consequences. Common flaws such as buffer-overflows, input filtering, and sanity checking will be verified. We will report where problems are found and how to fix them. Reviewing code is like proofreading publications. There are always typos, syntax errors, and unclear logic that can be made more precise. If you don't check it, you won't find it.

Newstaff Beta-Testing Our Beta-Testers will test your product for functionality and security. We will not only try expected interactions, but will test the unexpected to see what happens. Most products are tested and handle expected items well. But will they handle the unexpected?

Newstaff Security Assessment Our Security Experts will measure your current security posture. We will report which areas are adequate and which ones need improvement. We will present various options for improvement and make recommendations.

Newstaff Security Hacking Our Security Hackers will actually attempt to thwart your security in the same way that hackers would. Our hacker experts will research known vulnerabilities, utilize standard hacker tools, and will utilize their own skills to tailor new hacks specifically against your security environment. We will then report what actual hackers can be expected to encounter when they try to break in. Often the best laid plans fail in unexpected ways. You won't know if it all really works until you test it.

Newstaff Security Audit Our Security Auditors will measure your compliance to a specific requirements. These can be industry standards, legal requirements, specific audit requirements, or your own company's policies and procedures. We will report how well areas are in compliance, and where requirements are not being met. We will suggest ways to improve compliance. It is also a good idea to perform your own internal audit before external third-party audits are performed.

Newstaff Security Audit Response Our Security Experts will respond to previously conducted audits. Automated tools are becoming increasingly popular, but they also produce a number of false-positives. Highly skilled humans have to review the tool results to see if they are accurate and apply. Many auditors lack this skill or don't bother to verify findings. This results in a number of misleading claims about security flaws being reported to management and customers. Our auditors are experts in verifying these reports and weeding out the false-positives. If you don't understand or believe negative reports from your auditors, you need to get a second opinion!

Newstaff Security Audit Remediation Our Security Experts will improve security based on the results of a completed audit. We will review the audit findings, present options and make recommendations for improving security so those findings won't happen again. Auditing is not a goal in itself, and yet many companies fail to improve after the audit is completed. Failure to improve known security bugs is the worse signal you can send to your customers, and represents a known vulnerability that becomes even easier to exploit. After you have expended all the resources to complete the audit, it only make sense to finish the job.

Newstaff Security Operations Our Security Managers will help you establish operational security for your organization. We can define organizational charts, skill-set requirements, recruit personnel, develop strategy, policies, procedures, methodology, conduct training, and transition to your new security team. We have helped establish numerous security groups for Fortune-500 companies and consulting firms. We can assist with any or all of these stages to launch your security initiative.

Newstaff Security Project Management Our Security Managers will help you run your project, utilizing your people to do as much of the work as possible. This allows our security expertise to drive your project without driving up your costs. Your people can perform most of the assignments as determined by our Security Managers, while we ensure the project remains on track and produces results.

Newstaff Customized Security Our Security Consultants will help you customized any security project you require. There are thousands of security projects that can be performed in any enterprise. A small number of cookie-cutter offerings may not be able to satisfy all of a client's unique requirements.

Only when all three are accurately identified and addressed will security be complete.

Newstaff Incorporated therefore offers a full range of customized security projects. Each one matches a specific target with a specific security control using the proper project methodology. Choose the proper combination of target+security+project to create your customized security project:

Newstaff Incorporated also understands that there are further regulatory requirements, best practices, and industry standards for security within each industry sector. We know that what works and is acceptable in one industry may not work or be acceptable in another. We adapt our targeted control projects to fit within the particular industry sector as needed.

We also understand that different clients require different levels of engagement. Some clients may have general interest in security or just need a few specific questioned answered. Other clients may want full projects delivered, managed or assisted. Still others may want ongoing support or regular services. Newstaff Incorporated can provide as consulting at any level of engagement that is desired.

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