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Director of Security Testing at Fiderus

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In 2000, top IBM Security and Privacy Services management split away from IBM to create a new security company called Fiderus. Mr. Newstrom was tasked with creating the Security Testing Team and the strategy, methodology, training, and operations for that function. Within the first quarter, Mr. Newstrom and his team had earned the first revenue for the new company, established the first regional lab, worked on the first series of security engagements, and helped create the first series of deliverables. The new team was assigned to its permanent leader for continued operations before other teams had completed their planning phases.

Plaque Presented to Harvey Newstrom Fiderus Security and Privacy Services

Appraisal Services including Security Assessments, Privacy Assessments, Security Testing, Certification and Forensics.

Planning Services including Strategy, Policy, Architecture, and Procedures.

Implementation Services including Security Implementation and Privacy Implementation.

Industry Solutions including Insurance, Financial, e-Commerce and Wireless.

Training Services including Curriculum, Executive, Professional, Awareness and Lab
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