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Between 1998 and 2000, Mr. Newstrom was hired into IBM's new Security and Privacy Services Practice. He developed intellectual capital, created and delivered security training, and led many successful security projects. Mr. Newstrom is an IBM Certified Professional.

IBM Security and Privacy Services.

Assessments and Planning including Security Workshop, Privacy Workshop, PKI Business Workshop, Information Asset Profile, Security Health Check, Security Process Assessment, Application Security Assessment, Network Security Assessment, System Security Assessment, Site Security Assessment, Internet Security Assessment, Ethical Hacking, Privacy Strategy and Implementation and PKI Planning and Design.

Architecture and Design including Security Policy Definition, Security Standards Definition, Security Process Definition, Enterprise Security Architecture, Internet Security Architecture and Secure Solution Design.

Implementation including Security Product Selection and Firewalls and VPN.

Management including Anti-Virus Management, Firewall Management, Microsoft Management, Incident Management, Intrusion Detection Management, Linux Management, Security and Privacy Implementation, Security and Privacy Management, Tivoli Management and Vulnerabiltiy Scanning.

Certification Presented to Harvey Newstrom

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