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Mr. Newstrom filled a total of 6 six-month network support contracts covering five IBM campuses in South Florida between 1995 and 1998. Included in these contracts were external consulting projects for various IBM subsidiaries nationwide and external IBM customers. Mr. Newstrom is an IBM Certified Professional.

IBM Network Support:
Supporting networks including AS/400, ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, Frame Relay, ISDN, and Token Ring.
IBM Network Hardware:
Supporting hardware including: Adapters, Bridges, Concentrators, Controllers, Hubs, ISDN devices, LAN devices, Network Management, MIBs, Modems, Remote Access, Routers and Switches.
IBM Network Software
Supporting software including: Comm Server, Directory, Distributed Computing Environment, Firewall, Host Integration, Host On-Demand, Host Publisher, Network Data Couplers, Design and Analysis, Personal Comm, Screen Customizer and Network Simulator.
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