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Professional Profile Thursday May 02, 2019
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Harvey Newstrom is a recognized security leader who specializes in helping Fortune-500 corporations and Federal Agencies establish world-class security programs. These programs serve not only to protect organizational assets, but to increase mission efficiency and effectiveness in a global environment. Mr. Newstrom combines executive business savvy with technical know-how to produce strategies that are both achievable and optimal. The diversity of his consulting portfolio with industry, military, and government clients gives him more practical experience with real-world threats than most security professionals. Mr. Newstrom has authored hundreds of white papers, dozens of technical manuals, and given countless lectures throughout his career.

Mr. Newstrom cofounded Newstaff, Inc., a security consulting company with customers in both government and industry. He helped develop intellectual capital used by IBM.s Security and Privacy consulting practice. He helped establish the Ethical Hacking division for Fiderus, a $75 million security consulting startup. He designed the security architecture used by the National Archives and Records Administration and led the security teams that fulfilled the last two five-year contracts of that security program. His work for the federal agency was praised by OMB and later requested by NIST for use in improving federal security standards for all agencies. He has established security programs for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and has helped operate and improve security programs for a dozen federal agencies.

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